Anonymous $2 Million Donation Pays Colorado Symphony Salaries Through Summer 2021


The Colorado Symphony will be able to pay its employees’ salaries and health insurance through summer 2021 thanks to a $2 million anonymous donation.

Colorado Symphony’s usual packed schedule of shows and live movie scores has been furloughed most of the past year, along with every other performing arts organization, but leaders plan to present more live concerts in 2021.

The hope is that the symphony will continue to have the resources to pay musicians and staff until outdoor concerts can begin again in the summer — and possibly indoors in the fall.

Since the start of the 2021 fiscal year on July 1, 2020, the Colorado Symphony has raised over $4.1 million, making it possible to keep musicians and staff together over the past 10 months, and allowing the orchestra to bring symphonic music into countless homes across the world, while expanding critically needed education programs to be offered virtually for students throughout the Centennial State.

“We’re incredibly grateful to this anonymous donor for this very generous gift,” said Jerome H. Kern, CEO and Chair of the Board of Trustees. “This significant donation will help maintain our operations as we continue to work towards the time when we can perform with audiences in Boettcher Concert Hall.”